I think I gonna lose my phone, but I got it back in Bangkok

OMG!!! I thought I gonna lose my phone. Yes, I’m talking about my Lumia 1020 that I use for take a photo for my website and for my life activities.

Last morning after long night in Kaosan Raod. I went to take a break at my friend’s room in Charoen Krung Road 22. I asking the Tuk-Tuk driver for go to MRT station at Hualamphong train station for go back my room in Ladprao. After I leave Tuk-Tuk, I walk to escalator for going down to MRT station and when I put my hand on the pocket of my shorts, OMG!!! something make me panic, My wallet still with me. But where is my phone. My Lumia was disapper. I’m so uptight and run back to the street where I left the Tuk-Tuk but I don’t see him(I means the driver). He was gone. I see only motorcycle rider there and he ask me why I look panic like that. I said my phone drop on the Tuk-Tuk and it was gone.How bad of my morning.

I asking him to bring me back to Charoen Krung 22 right now please. Actually, I don’t even remember the Tuk-Tuk driver who bring me to MRT station  and no idea how to got my phone back. But the motorcycle rider said, he look kind of old man with green Tuk-Tuk and maybe I can take my phone back, just go back to the hotel, the Tuk-Tuk driver would stay right there for serve the traveler, I so appreciated on him so much that we never know each others before but he was helping me like this. That so great for me.

Tuk Tuk Thailand
Tuk Tuk Thailand

Anyway, when he took me back to the hotel where I left, I don’t see the driver who I looking for, that make me so worry. But everyone over there help me a lot. It’s so good they still remember me and ask me why I go back, when I just leaving for a few minutes. I tell them my phone was dropping on the Tuk-Tuk that I just leaving, so I take the motorcycle back here to asking for my phone, maybe I can got it back, I love it so much, maybe you guys can help me. And It so good for me, they tell me don’t worry about it. I must got my phone back, just waiting, for sure, they help me to calling the Tuk-Tuk driver who bring me to the MRT station to let him know that I was waiting for my phone. On m mind I worry about someone would pick my phone on his Tuk-Tuk, that was terrible.

I wait there for 20 minutes approximately with my little hope, I hate this feeling so much. Finally he was back and got me my phone. OMG! It really nice that I got my friend back(I means my phone). I say thank you for them and guys around who try to help me and go back to MRT station again. Such a busy morning.

Actually, I don’t think Bangkok is safe enough for this thing. I don’t trust when they say I’d got my phone back. By the way, they change my mind about this thing. Maybe because I thought to myself that I can’t trust on them. But for now I think I should open minded. I can trust people around by this busy event on my morning. And yes, I have to positive thinking.


P.S. sorry for my grammar and my words, I’m not a good writer. I just want to share my experiences in Bangkok.


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