My first trip abroad – Hello Merlion, Singapore

Hello guys, Fenris here. Nice to see you guys again. Long time no write about my trips. Sorry for my disappearing. I’m kind of busy about my work. But now I’m ready to tell you guys about my traveling story again. First of all, I should tell you guys that my writing skill is not well. So I have to say sorry if my grammar is not correct, but I hope you guys would help me to correct it. Thank you so much.

Okay, let’s focus on my story. I’m going to talk about my first abroad trips in Singapore. I am so lucky to have this trip, even thought it was a business trip. But I feel so appreciate my last company that brings me over there. It was so awesome trip for me. I feel so excited to go to Singapore. Everything is so new for me. I don’t know anything about Singapore, the country that I’m going to. Kind of bad for me. I’m always a bad traveler. I went there on last June. I have a flight ticket and hotel from the company. I just have to go to Suwannabhum airport for going to Singapore.

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