Lantern Festival and Loy Krathong – All strangers in Chiang Mai

First time is impression, the second is memories.

Have you guys ever love people without any conditions? Have you guys ever feel so glad to be somewhere, to join something and make a great memories together? I have a lot of feeling for this trip that I going to tell you guys about my traveling story in Chiang Mai. The first place that I started my trip alone, started finding myself, my dreams and my journey. It’s not first time for me here. This is my second time in Chiang Mai. I’m here for visit Lantern Festival and Loy Krathong. Have you guys knew about it before? It’s the festival that have a million of lanterns on the sky. It’s so awesome festival that I have seen on the traveling magazine, but never see by my eyes before. And now I’m here for this festival. I’m so exciting.

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